Permanent Bracelets- Halie & Co.

Halie & Co. is offering Permanent Bracelets, Necklaces, and Anklets all over Metro Detroit! Find us popping up all over the city! All of our permanent bracelet pop ups are WALK IN only! No need to schedule an appointment. 

Our store is OPENING!!

1520 Adelaide Street, Detroit, Michigan 48207

Friday 6/21 - 10 am- 6pm 


For our full pop up calendar please click HERE

What is an Permanent Bracelet?

A 14K gold filled, 14k solid gold or sterling silver metal chain attached by a micro-welding machine which gives a seamless look with no maintenance. 

Each bracelet is sized to fit you perfectly, then welded at the clasp to create your bracelet. We use solid gold and sterling silver jump rings so you will not have a brown solder seam as others use gold filled jump rings!

With 10 years of metal-smithing experience you do not need to worry about the quality of our supplies or the experience you will have getting a bracelet with us, we aren't new to this game!

From start to finish the process takes 10-15 minutes total! Once a bracelet is on it will have to be cut off so make sure it's comfy! If you have a silver or gold allergy we do not recommend getting a Permanent Bracelet. 

How much does it cost? 

All of our selections are priced out per chain, we do not charge by the inch! Permanent Bracelets should be a fun and memorable experience, so we do not pass on a high markup like other companies around! All prices below are for both 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver. 

Bracelets: Start at $48

Anklets: Start at $60

Rings: Start at $34

Necklaces: Start at $80

Add a clasp: $5

Charms: Start at $25

Does it hurt?

Not at all! The bracelet is welded at the jump ring which is completely painless and safe! 

Can I wear my bracelet in water?

Yes! All of our chains are safe for water and able to live life with you!

Am I able to remove my Permanent Bracelet?

Your Permanent Bracelet will have to be cut off with a pair of nail clippers or wire cutters. Don't pull a Love is Blind and rip it off (IYKYK)! Make sure you are ready to have it removed as it would have to be welded again to go back on. If you take off your chain and decide that you would like to have it as a regular bracelet we can add a clasp for $10! 

What if I need an MRI?

If you require an MRI or other medical procedure, you can easily remove your Permanent Bracelet by cutting the chain with nail clippers. If you currently have a medical condition that requires MRIs, radio-graphs of the wrist or a scheduled surgery, we do not recommend getting a permanent bracelet.

What if it breaks?

In the event your bracelet breaks within the first week, we will re-weld the bracelet at no cost to you! Please make sure you hold onto the chain. After your first free re-weld any others will be $10.

These bracelets are non-refundable and we are not liable for normal wear and tear. 

Keep your chain and email customer service at to find us at our next pop-up! If you would like a clasp added after the fact to a broken bracelet the cost is $10.

My silver bracelet has tarnished, what do I do?

If your sterling silver has oxidized, it can be removed! If your sterling silver bracelet happens to be exposed to sulfur (present in some water sources) or other chemicals, it may oxidize quickly. You can brighten your chain by using a soft polishing cloth.

Am I able to travel with my Permanent Bracelet?

You sure can! Jewelry is not required to be removed to pass through TSA or metal detectors.

Is there an age requirement?

You must be 7 years or older. Anyone under the age of 18 must be with an adult. 

My bracelet fell off and I lost it!

We’re so sorry to hear that! Unfortunately, lost bracelets will not be replaced and a new chain will need to be purchased.

I want to host a private permanent jewelry party!

We would love to work with your to schedule your next event or girls night out! You can schedule your party right from here!  We are able to travel all over the metro-Detroit area (for any booking 30 mins past Royal Oak please contact us first!)

Want to host a Halie & Co Pop Up at your store?

Looking to host Halie & Co. at your store or during your next event? Well look no further, we are excited to offer you a private permanent bracelet party for businesses in the Metro Detroit Area! You can fill out a form here!

What are your current chain offerings?

Check out the link here to see what chain we are currently offering at event and private parties. 


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