Permanent Bracelets: A Trendy Girl’s Guide

Permanent bracelets taking over your feed? I’m not surprised. This jewelry trend is everywhere. Lucky for you, I’ve put together everything you need to know about permanent jewelry. And I’m happy to report that yes, they are worth the hype. 


What are permanent bracelets? 

Permanent bracelets, or permanent jewelry, are pretty much exactly what you’re thinking… Jewelry that is permanently welded around your wrist, ankle, neck, or even fingers. There’s no clasp, and at Halie & Co. it will always live with you (even in water!). So you don’t have to deal with the hassle of taking your bracelet/ring/necklace/anklet on and off for the shower, pool, or workouts.


When picking a permanent piece, you don’t want low-quality materials. Thankfully, at Halie & Co., they use 14k gold-filled, 14k solid gold, or sterling silver metal chains. Plus, they have over 10 years of metal-smithing experience. So while you’re getting yours, Halie and her team can answer any lingering questions on the spot. Like about different metal options, styling tips, and how to clean your new jewels. And unlike other permanent types of expression, their permanent bracelets are 100% pain-free (pinky promise). 


One of the best things about getting permanent jewelry is personalizing it to your unique style. First, you’ll choose your chain. Fun fact: Halie & Co. has over 10 chains for you to pick from. Feel free to stack them or get a matching chain with your bestie, mom, or sibling. I highly recommend making this bonding experience your next get-together.

If you’d like to keep it sweet and simple, stick with a solid chain. Looking for an extra personal touch? Add a charm with an initial, number, or symbol. Hot tip: sign up for their newsletter so you’re first to know about new chains and charms.

As a heads up, all Halie & Co. permanent jewelry is for those 7 years or older. If you’re under 18, just make sure an adult tags along with you.


Halie & Co. Process

Each of the bracelets is sized to fit you perfectly. Once measured, she welds the clasp to create your permanent bracelet. The clasp is welded by soldering with a micro-welding machine to combine the two ends of the chain with a jump ring. While others may use gold-filled jump rings, Halie & Co. always uses solid gold and sterling silver so that you’ll never have a brown solder seam. 


Then, after a quick sand and polish, you’re ready to show off your new permanent bracelet. The best part? It only takes 10-15 minutes for jewelry that will last years. 

How much do permanent bracelets cost?

It varies. But Halie doesn’t like to charge by the inch AKA wrist size. Instead, the entire selection is priced out by the weight of the chain only. This is supposed to be fun, memorable, and, most importantly, not break the bank. For both 14k gold-filled and sterling silver bracelets, prices start at $45. Solid gold chains start at $160.

Okay, but like how permanent is it? 

Let’s talk about the question on everybody’s mind. If you’re like me, you may have a *slight* commitment problem (no judgment). So if you’re looking to change up your look, permanent bracelets can be cut off with a pair of nail clippers, scissors, or wire cutters. You definitely don’t want to pull a Love Is Blind and rip it off (IYKYK). 

If you need to get MRI, the same rules apply. And frequent flyers — there’s no need to worry. Permanent bracelets have the okay from the TSA. Regret cutting yours off? Your first reweld is free! Permanent not your style? Save your chain and they can add a clasp to make it a regular bracelet for $10. 

Ready to try a permanent bracelet (or add to your collection)? Join Halie & Co. at one of their upcoming pop-ups or schedule a private permanent bracelet party.


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