Starting Your Stack: Rings 101


Stacking rings is its own art form — hard to figure out and hard to master. That’s why we here at Halie & Co have created a guide to help you build your perfect ring stack.

Stacking rings makes every outfit more exciting and fun. Whether you already have a personal collection of rings that you’re not sure how to style or are looking for a starter pack, we have you covered. 


Here are a few tips to think about when curating your collection and starting your stack. 


Wear a statement ring

Building your stack around a statement ring is key. A statement ring creates a focal point and inspiration for your look. 

Start with a statement ring you love and add other rings that complement it. By doing this, your rings won’t clash or fight for attention. Your look will be well put-together and thoughtful. 


Mix lines, shapes, textures, sizes, and metals

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different lines, shapes, textures, and metals. Using rings that are different from each other allows each ring to stand out, rather than getting lost in each other. 

Creating a sense of juxtaposition balances out your stack. Pair a big gemstone with a dainty stacking ring, or a chunky ring with a thin one. Sometimes, two opposites make the best pair. 


Think about placement

When curating your stack, think about where a ring sits on your finger. Play around with different ring sizes so each ring sits at a different level. This adds another way to make your stack stand out. 

Stack both hands

Wear rings on both hands to create a balanced look. Leaving one hand bare can look off, so add at least one ring on each hand. Even just a statement ring on one hand and multiple rings on the other helps to create a symmetrical look.


Starter packs

For those of you just beginning your jewelry journey, we’ve put together a few “starter packs” you can purchase to create your perfect stack. We recommend one to two statement rings, and six to eight additional rings for an everyday stack. 


Vintage starter pack 

Start with our stunning lapis lace sterling silver ring as your statement piece. Add a fidget spinner ring to create some lines and a mini cigar band ring or two to balance it out. Finally, add a  geometric pattern sterling silver ring for some texture. 


Coastal cowgirl starter pack

Throw our groovy ring on one finger to play with shapes. Wear a few thin band stacker rings and a twisted stacking ring on another to add some lines. To top it off, create a focal point with our sea glass ring.

Minimalist starter pack

Stand out with our denim lapis twisted ring. Throw on a cigar band ring for some width, and our classic stacker bands for some different lines. Since the statement piece of this pack is dainty, finish the look with a hammered band ring to vary the widths of your rings.


Create your own starter pack

Our shop is the perfect place to find your ring-stacking starter pack. Create your own by picking out a statement ring or two from our gemstone ring collection. Then, head to our stacker ring collection to build your look. 


We even have a special offer for you to create your stack – buy any three stacker rings and get $12 off with the code “ringstack”. 

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